How to Deal With Side Knee Pain

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Our knee joints require the assistance of a dedicated set of muscles and connective tissues to function effectively. Side knee pain is caused when there is an injury to the tissues supporting the knee joint. The swelling and inflammation in these connective tissues result in a continuous throbbing pain that is low in intensity but does not go away immediately. Minor strains and muscle spasms cause a continuous ache in the sides of the knee. When the cause of this kind of pain is identified, you have to immediately discontinue the set of activities that could have triggered the pain.

Before approaching health care professionals for specialized treatments, you can try resting your knee for a short period while simultaneously applying soothing liniment to ease out the fatigue from the affected tissue groups. This allows the injured tissues to heal. You should consult a medical practitioner if the side knee pain does not subside or recurs when you begin your active schedule after the period of rest.

Sometimes the pain may spread to a wider area around the knee joint than that damaged by the injury. In these cases the side knee pain becomes worse when you move your leg. This is followed by stiffness and finally the knee becomes swollen restricting movements of the knee joints.

Your body weight is also an important contributing factor in determining the health of the load bearing joints in your body. If you are overweight, you can try to reduce the fat content in your body as this is beneficial in reducing the strain on the knee joints and the supporting muscle groups. This could reduce the instances of side knee pain in your future life.

If the symptoms associated with side knee pain are interfering with your daily activities, it is best to get the advice of a recovery expert who will recommend appropriate imaging tests to study the condition of the muscle groups around the knee. The modern imaging tests can detect micro tears in the muscles and minimally invasive procedures using robot assisted surgical tools can be performed to repair the tissue without requiring extensive stays at hospitals.

The benefit of these invasive techniques is that you will not experience side knee pain for quite some time in your life if you adhere to the follow up conditioning schedule to maintain the peak condition of the muscles that support your knee joint.

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How to Deal With Side Knee Pain

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This article was published on 2010/03/30