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Are you looking for a knee brace, but are not exactly sure what type you should be looking for?

What This Article Is All About & How It Can Help You

This article can be very helpful in breaking down the types of knee supports into a few simple categories. You can go on the internet and look around and although you can find a ton of knee braces, it is hard to figure out which one is best for your needs. We will break knee supports down into 3 different categories here and from there you will be able to have a better idea about braces in general...

Knee Self Evaluation

Although we are not all doctors, we can answer a few simple questions about our knees to help get us on track, when it comes to knee supports. We will present the following questions to you, and you will see why they are important as we go further in this article. (Also, this article is only a guideline to help you; we are not your doctor. If you are concerned about your knees speak to them about medical advice.)

Questions For You To Consider

1.) On a subjective scale of 1-10, how bad is your knee pain? (10 being the worst)
2.) On a subjective scale of 1-10, how bad is your knee instability? (Again, 10 being the worst)
3.) Lastly, has your physician given you a diagnosis regarding your knee ailment?

Mild Support

Although your knees may hurt, or they may feel unstable, you do not always need a real heavy duty type of support. For example, if you were to you have mild knee pain or instability then usually you need to look for a "knee sleeve", or a "pull on knee sleeve". Usually these braces help to provide support, and are more of a "reminder" for you not to make certain painful movements that may trigger your knee minor instability. They are often elastic in nature and are made from either neoprene or drytex.

Moderate Support

When you find that your knee ailment ranks more along the lines of a moderate level then you should change the way you look at knee braces. Now, you are in the area where you will have hinges on your knee brace. These hinges will help to stop movements like from side to side, or front to back movements that cause an inflammation of your knee condition. They are no longer a reminder, rather, they help to actively stop an excessive movement that will cause your knee to suffer.

Top Of The Line Support

Now you are in the category where your knee is very unstable and usually your pain level is up there around a 8-10. Usually people in this category will say, "I feel like my knee will give out from under me". These supports have hinges, but they are not for moderate support. Once on, these supports will really help to stop excessive movements that will hurt your knee. These supports are made of stronger materials as well.

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Knee Brace Types - Special Report on Knee Support - Knee Brace Sales

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This article was published on 2010/04/01