Knee Therapy Helps to Tackle Knee Pain

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There are many conditions affecting the knee joint which can lead to severe pain. They are caused due to inflammation of the cartilage or other elements or by wear and tear which causes some damage to the knee joint. Minor injuries to the joints in the knee heal by themselves although they are painful. Over the counter medicines are helpful to minimize pain and swelling in the knee joints. But knee therapy is required to treat the underlying cause of an injury to the joints in the knees.

A number of medicines are available over the counter that can help in relieving the pain and inflammation caused by knee injuries. But the issue is that they are useful for giving immediate relief to the sufferer. These drugs do a good job of suppressing the pain but are not a cure for long term problems with your knee joints. For long term relief, it is recommended that you undergo knee therapy on the advice of your medical practitioner.

Due to medical advances, knee therapy has become more successful than ever before. Damaged joints and tissues of the knees are reconstructed very successfully. A dislocated kneecap may be the result of an injury. The kneecap slips to the side when the knee is bent and this condition causes extreme pain. Exercises are advised by physiotherapists and they can be helpful in most cases. But otherwise surgery to place the kneecap to place the kneecap in position may be required.

This is to be followed by an intensive plan of knee therapy to bring the person back on his or her feet. Thus we can safely inform that there is great improvement in the total knee replacement procedure due to the increased popularity and effectiveness of computer aided surgical methods. If your body weight is more than what is recommended for your height and the pain in your knee is interfering with your normal activities, a physiotherapist can help you by advising you on different strategies for losing weight in a stable manner.

All arthritic disorders can trouble the knee joints. But this joint is more often affected by osteoarthritis where the bones become eroded and the cartilage wears away especially if you are overweight. The best knee therapy for this ailment prescribed by medical practitioners is physiotherapy followed by anti arthritic drugs. In advanced cases, a knee replacement procedure may be needed.

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Knee Therapy Helps to Tackle Knee Pain

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This article was published on 2010/03/31