Need For Placing A Gender Specific Knee Prosthesis

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As you grow older, there are several diseases that attack your body. Arthritis is one such disease that affects the joints that are present within your body. An arthritic person finds it very difficult to deal with the health conditions as the disease gives rise to immense joint pain, which is usually unbearable for the patients. To help the patients get rid of such an acute painful condition, gender specific knee is designed to be placed in place of the original joint with the help of knee replacement surgery. A short hospital stay after the surgical procedure makes the patients aware of the methods to be applied for in order to get best post-surgery results.

Many joints are there within a human body, but the knee joints are considered to be the most complex of all. These are the joints that does not only help the legs to bend and straighten, but also enable the body in taking various twists and turns. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to keep your knees in a proper condition. But arthritic patients, due to the knee problems find it problematic to carry out even the easier daily activities properly. A gender specific knee replacement surgery is considered to be one of the best techniques of getting some relief from the pains. A short hospital stay before and after the operation is a phase when the doctors prescribe you the ways in which you will obtain best recovery results.

To get rid of the painful knee joint condition, however, several forms of treatments have come into focus that the patients can utilize. One of the most common among these is the total hip replacement surgery. It is similar to what is done while carrying out the gender specific knee replacement operation. During this process, the original knee joint is replaced with artificial prosthesis that is designed based on the gender to which the patients belong. However, it is, usually, advisable to the arthritic patients to go for the rehab sessions and other methods to recover from the pain, and if these are not found to be effective, opt for the gender specific knee replacement surgery.

After undergoing the total knee replacement surgery, in most of the cases, the patients were found to be uncomfortable with their new joints. This was usually because not all of the prosthesis fit the patients well. It is obvious that a male anatomy is a bit different from that of females. But the prosthesis that was designed was similar for the patients of both the genders, which led to such complications. To avoid these problems, gender specific knee joint was prepared so that the patients could carry out their daily activities conveniently. The gender specific knee is designed specifically for a male or a female so that these artificial joints could fit in properly within their body.

While opting for gender specific knee, however, it is always advised to the arthritics to consult their surgeons and figure out whether this technique would be suitable to deal with their knee problems. After the surgery, during a short hospital stay, the doctors would prescribe and schedule some exercises to be carried out by you regularly so that you recover as quickly as possible.
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Need For Placing A Gender Specific Knee Prosthesis

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This article was published on 2010/11/23